sic noticias stream

sic noticias stream
Sic noticias stream (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈsik nuˈtisiɐʃ]) is the cable news channel of the Portuguese television network SIC (Sociedade Independente de Comunicação) and the second thematic channel of the station. It replaced CNL (Canal de Notícias de Lisboa), a Lisbon region independent cable news channel owned by TV Cabo, on January 8, 2001. Since the end of 2003, SIC Notícias is also available in Angola and Mozambique via satellite or cable.
The channel is especially developed for cable, and its programming is almost totally constituted by information and news programs. SIC notícias rates as Portugal's top cable channels. As a response, the public television network RTP bought NTV, the Northern Portugal's news channel and transformed it into RTPN in 2004, directly competing with SIC Notícias.
Beside the news blocks, it also offers special editions and thematic programs on economyhealthinterviewsshow businessautomobile industry,publicity and sports.
The channels' primetime news program, Jornal das Nove, airing from 9-10 p.m., is hosted by Mário Crespo. Other news programs are: Jornal das Duas (2-3 p.m.), Jornal das 7 (7-8 p.m.), Edição da Manhã (7-10 a.m.), Edição do Meio-Dia (10 a.m.). Sport news is updated at Jornal de Desporto(12:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.). Viewers are invited to participate in the day's top story or current nationwide issues at the daily's morning and afternoon editions of Opinião Pública. SIC Notícias has prominent opinion making program such as Quadratura do CírculoExpresso da Meia-Noiteand Eixo do Mal. International affairs are explored in the program Sociedade das Nações, hosted by Martim Cabral and Nuno Rogeiro.
SIC Notícias was a joint-venture between Sociedade Independente de Comunicação (60%) and TV Cabo (40%) until 2009. In February, 2009, SIC bought ZON's shares.
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